Metratrade represents leading manufacturers of Sugar Mill machinery in Central America and the Caribbean region. Managed by experienced industry professionals, we provide all kind of sugar mill machinery, spare parts, and technical expertise to our clients to help them achieve their objectives in the most economical manner.

Our principles are manufacturers of complete range of sugar mill machinery and have been in sugar business for more than 40 years. The products are exported all over the world and are known for their good quality and excellent performance. The company has so far executed in excess of 100 complete sugar plants and expansions projects. Among other major products, company has supplied 450 Mills, 100 Boilers, and 3000 Centrifugal Machines to various sugar mills in different parts of the world.

Our wide range of pumps is serving the industry since 1920. The products are of very high quality and are currently being used in more than 400 Sugar Mills in India and abroad.

In collaboration with Lufkin Industries, USA and Peter Brotherhood of UK our partners are the leading manufacturers of Steam Turbines and gearboxes in India. The products are widely used by the sugar factories and are considered highly reliable in performance and quality.

Our partner in water treatment is the single largest manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment plants and chemicals in India. The company has been actively servicing the water industry since 1965. Additionally, specialty chemicals for various applications in sugar industry is also one of the core strengths of the company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consultation

Our team of professionals offers solutions to customer needs in following areas:

  • Plant Expansions
  • Modernization
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Trouble shooting
  • Sugar machinery and equipment

Complete Sugar Mill Plants on Turnkey basis starting from 1250 to 12000 TCD

  • Cane Sugar Mills
  • We supply Mills from 3 to 6 rollers as per the customer requirements. The Mill sizes range from 30" x 60" to 50" x 100". We can also supply custom made Mills to suit local conditions including the selection of drives such as steam turbine, electric motor, or through hydraulic coupling.

                                                                                                       1066 x 2134 mm Sugar Mill

    • Pressure Feeders
      • Our TRPF is used to increase the capacity with no loss of extraction. It also reduces the installed mill power per TFH. The equipment is easily adaptable on conventional three roller mills and can be either driven from the final stage mill gearing or through a separate variable speed drive.
      • Our GRPF is also good for increasing the capacity with no loss of extraction. Using this equipment, primary extraction can be increased by 8-10 units. It is easily adaptable on conventional 3 roller mills and all the 5 rollers are interchangeable. Lotus rollers in addition to static collars for optimum juice drainage. The same final stage mill gearing or independent drive cans also drive it.

  • Cane Preparation Units
    • Heavy Duty Shredder is fitted with swing hammers with replaceable tips. The rotor is supported in generously sized heavy-duty bearings, housed in solid cast steel bearing blocks with water cooling jacket. Anvil grid assembly provided with wide depockets formed by grid bars. Cushion of compacted fibre builds up and shredding takes place on this apparently "Self-setting" layer. Easy hammer replacement possible using hydraulically operated "Hammer exchange device".
    • Fibrizer is an excellent preparatory device. It can be Fixed or Swing Type unit with replaceable hammer tips. The anvils are of pocketed construction, hard faced to 500 BHN for improved and uniform cane preparation. Floating flap provided over feed cane blanket achieves effective air seal and reduces excessive windage and consequently reduces noise, loss of sugar through mist formation and saves power.
    • Rotary Screens used for screening of mixed juice can be made in sizes from 1800 x 2400 to 1800 x 4800 mm where slot sizes can be either 0.35 mm or 0.5 mm catering to crushing capacity rate up to 11000 TCD.

  • Boilers
  • We cover a wide range of water tube boilers for different applications with inherent features for high thermal efficiency and trouble free operation. The furnace of high pressure Boilers are of membrane design and the operation is totally automated. Boiler capacities can range from 20 – 400 MT/Hr. with steam pressures as high as 120 Bar. The boilers are most efficient in normal range as well as co-generation systems in sugar industry. Boilers can be made to accommodate any of the following furnaces;

      • Travelling Grate
      • Dumping Grate
      • Fluidized Bed Combustion


  • Power Generation
  • We offer most efficient Steam Turbines Generators from 0.5 MW to 20 MW size under a wide range of steam pressure and temperature conditions. Turbines are designed for easy operation and require minimum maintenance. Technical support for servicing and supply of spare parts is available at all the times.

  • Sugar Process Equipment

  • We supply complete range of sugar process equipment such as

    • Juice Heaters 100 – 500 sq. meters heating surface
    • Evaporators
      • Roberts 300 – 4000 sq. meters heating surface
      • Falling Film 300 – 5000 sq. meters heating surface
      • Option of semi – kestner can also be provided.

    • Vacuum Pans: We offer both Batch and Continuous type pans. Our vacuum pans are well designed for the rapid boiling, uniform grain sizes, uniform degree of super saturation and large downtake for rapid circulation. Pans have the option of incorporating a mechanical circulator or hydraulically operated discharge valve.
      • Batch 30 – 120 MT/Hr. capacity
      • Continuous 15 – 100 MT/Hr
      Continuous pans are made with floating calandria to have effective circulation and optimum circulation ratio of 1:1. Multiple entry of steam/vapor and efficient use of Low Pressure vapors for pan boiling and with steady consumption, results in stabilized working of evaporators and subsequent steam economy. The pan is fully automatic for feeding of grain and molasses.

    • Crystallizers: We supply all type of crystallizers such as Air Cooled, Water Cooled and Vertical Crystallizers to customer specific demand. The crystallizers are made of reinforced steel construction with heavy-duty shaft and extra-strong stirrer arms and ribbon supported on heavy duty bearings. Vertical crystallizer can be supplied within a range of 100 – 400 MT.


  • Centrifugal Machines:

  • Our centrifugal machines are comparable to the world’s best machines. Currently more than 3000 machines are serving the sugar industry worldwide.

        • Fully automatic recycling Batch centrifugal machines are available with varieties of energy efficient drives such as AC variable frequency CSI/PWM type, DC thyristor drives and conventional pole changing drives with thyristor control. Design and manufacture of our centrifugals is certified by TUV. A world renowned inspection authority. We have wide range of capacity from 500 to 1750 Kg/Charge with cycle times as low as 163 seconds.
        • Continuous centrifugals have wide range in sizes and are suitable for both low and high-grade massecuites. Depending on the type of machine, it can cure massecuite from 6 – 32 MT/Hr. Easy curing of massecuite of high viscosity, higher brix and higher crystal content. Auto regulation of feeding massecuite ensures uniformity of sugar, run-off quantity and loading of Centrifugal. Our specially designed electrical circuits prevent any electrical current kick during operation.

                                                    Batch Centrifugal Machine


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